Sapphire is a popular clothing brand of Pakistan which sells ready to wear, haute couture and unstitched clothes. It was founded in 2014 by Nabeel Abdullah in Lahore. It is the only high street clothing brand in Pakistan. There a number of stores of this brand are in Pakistan. Sapphire has reached on the top brand list in clothing market. The new designs and the quality of the fabrics are mind blowing. People specially women love to wear the Sapphire collection. There are new seasonal winter and summer collection are at its outlets. The famous brand Sapphire is one of the largest industrial sectors in textile and also its consolidated revenues in form of their sales of greater than $800 million across many different businesses like in textiles, power generation projects and specially in retail clothing. They are also producing the dairy products and earing a huge revenue for them and for the country. The finest and high-quality fabrics are in their outlets and you can buy their products by online sources and by visit their stores. Day by day they are improving the quality of their products and also enhancing their business.